Friday, July 31, 2015

Sports Medicine Therapy Boulder

As one of the largest physical therapy facility in Colorado, North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC have provided sports medicine therapy in Boulder for over 25 years.  Locally owned and operated our specially trained staff has helped patients with all of their physical therapy needs.

If you have been injured doing the sport you love, it’s important to return to it as soon as possible.  Our PT’s take into account that each individual has unique strengths and weaknesses. After a full physical therapy evaluation, a sport specific rehabilitation program is then put into place. Our sports medicine therapy includes; speed and agility work, weight lifting education, Plyometric Core strength training, interval training and more.

We are here to help you receive the most up to date treatments from over 20 physical and hand therapists.  When it’s time for sports medicine therapy in Boulder, contact one of our two locations today.

TMJ Rehab Therapy Boulder

Manual TMJ rehab therapy is designed to promote healthy joint motion, maximal muscle strength and endurance.  TMJ can be a painful and debilitating problem for those individuals who suffer from TMJ.  If you suffer from TMJ at North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC, our therapists provide TMJ rehab therapy in Boulder. Locally owned and operated, we have been the choice for physical therapy for over 35 years.

TMJ is an orthopedic problem that can be relieved by TMJ rehab therapy. The goal is to restore the injured tissues to normal function through therapy.  Our PT’s also teach patients what to do and provide more information on home therapy to reduce the amount of rehabilitation time.  

Our team of caring professionals provides modern treatment techniques with state of the art equipment.  We will make your rehabilitation a positive experience.   Our patients receive one on one treatment with home exercises and self-care as part of every patient's treatment. When you need TMJ rehab therapy in Boulder call one of our two locations today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Therapy Boulder

A physical therapist can help the recovery process by helping the patient become stronger, relieve their pain and help them regain the use of the injured area.  North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation offer post-surgical rehabilitation therapy with skilled physical therapists and state of the art facility.

We make it a priority to educate our patients about their procedure and the healing process to give them the tools to put them on the road to recovery. We provide and extensive evaluation of your condition, modern treatment techniques, state of the art equipment and a knowledgeable physical therapist who will make your post-surgical  rehabilitation therapy a positive experience.  

All of the physical therapists have advanced training in manual physical therapy and we only see patients in one-to-one treatment sessions. For the best in post-surgical rehabilitation therapy in Boulder call one of our two locations to schedule your appointment today.

Spine Rehab Boulder

If you have had a spine injury and need spine rehab in Boulder, North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC will do a complete evaluation of your condition to find the most productive form of therapy.  

Orthopedic physical therapy helps people with problems resulting from an injury making them stronger and more mobile.  We educate you on the specifics of your condition and provide modern treatment techniques and state of the art equipment to make your spine rehab a positive experience.  

Our patients receive one on one treatment with home exercises and self-care as part of every treatment. We teach our patients how to perform at home therapy and provide more information resulting in less in-patient rehabilitation time. Call today to schedule your appointment at one of our two facilities today for spine rehab in Boulder.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mild Stroke Therapy Boulder

If you have recently suffered a mild stroke and are looking for mild stroke therapy in Boulder, the professionals at North Boulder Physical Therapy, LLC has physical therapists that specialize in evaluating and treating your symptoms.

It is important to have an evaluation by a physician to determine the best courser of mild stroke therapy for you.  A person who is having difficulty completing daily or leisure activities, experience imbalance and walking difficulties may fall and sustain injuries. Patients are evaluated by our physical therapists who are specially trained in treating mild stroke patients.

Patients are evaluated for physical performance with encountered environments and fall risk.  Don’t wait.  Call one of our two locations today when you need mild stroke therapy in Boulder.  We have the skill and experience you are looking for.