Monday, August 10, 2015

Diabetic Foot Therapy Boulder

The goal of diabetic foot therapy for peripheral neuropathy patients is to restore sensation, improve walking ability, improve balance, and heal wounds.  The tingling, numbness and pain you feel are often debilitating enough to shorten or prevent long walks and otherwise decrease your quality of life.  At North Boulder Sports Rehabilitation Therapy LLC, we provide diabetic foot therapy in Boulder to help ease your pain.

Diabetic neuropathy results in decreased sensation of the foot and lower leg and loss of balance due to decreased sensation in the feet and ankles.  For diabetics with this type of neuropathy they are 15 times more likely to fall than someone without this disease.  Diabetic foot therapy’s goal is to help increase the sensation in the foot.  

We are the first and only provider to offer a new treatment called Anodyne Therapy.  It is light-emitting diodes applied to the skin of the lower legs and feet. The photon energy helps to release a free radical called Nitric Oxide from hemoglobin in the red blood cells helping nerve function and pain. When you are looking for diabetic foot therapy in Boulder, call one of our two locations today.