Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spine Rehab Boulder

Manual physical therapy is the hands-on treatment of to help you ease the pain you are having.   The goal is to restore the injured tissues back to normal. At North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC, our therapists will do a complete evaluation of your condition to find the most productive form of therapy.  If you have had a spine injury and need spine rehab in Boulder, contact us today.

Our therapists employ manual physical therapy techniques with all of our orthopedic patients. Orthopedic physical therapy helps people with problems resulting from an injury making them stronger and more mobile.    We teach our patients what to do and provide more information on home therapy resulting in less in-patient rehabilitation time.  Our patients receive one on one treatment with home exercises and self-care as part of every treatment to help speed up the healing process. Schedule your appointment at one of our two facilities today for spine rehab in Boulder.