Monday, April 27, 2015

Sports Injury Therapist Boulder

Locally owned and operated North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC trained staff have helped patients with their physical therapy needs for over 25 years.  If you have a sports injury, physical therapy is a great way to help you heal and get back to your sport.  If you are looking for a sports injury therapist in Boulder, contact us today.

Our sports injury therapists perform a thorough physical therapy evaluation and then a sport specific rehabilitation program is put into place.  They also take into account each individual athlete has unique strengths and weaknesses.  Our sports medicine therapy rehabilitation includes; speed and agility work, Plyometric Core, weight lifting education, strength training, interval training and more.

Don’t let a sports injury set you back.   Whether you are a weekend warrior, or a trained athlete, any sports related injury can take you out of your sport for a while. Contact one of our two locations when you have an injury and need a sports injury therapist in Boulder.