Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hand Therapy Boulder

If you have an injury to your hand, the longer a joint remains immobile, the greater the possibility of excess swelling and decreased use of the area.  Hand therapy is a safe and effective way to regain the use of your hand. Contact North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation if you need hand therapy in Boulder.

It is important to get the affected area moving as quickly as is safe after an injury.  Our therapists can help you regain the function in your hand, wrist or elbow, through a combination of manual techniques such as massage, exercise and mobilization. Our center has two certified hand /occupational therapists with the training and experience you need. 

Our therapists are knowledgeable and experienced to provide the most effective hand therapy in Boulder.  As one of the largest PT clinics in Colorado call one of our two locations today.  Let our experts help you regain the use of your hand.