Thursday, November 20, 2014

Skiing Interval Training Boulder

As the ski season draws near, North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation have helped young and old train for the ski season in Colorado. We offer skiing interval training in Boulder. We start with a 45 minute skiing fitness test to determine your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced.  It will also determine your strengths and deficits as well as teach you how to prevent ACL injuries and more.  

By partaking in skiing interval training, you will motivate yourself to train effectively and create lasting goals and have fun while you ski train!  You can have fun while doing the exercise for 8 weeks at home or at the rec center.  The goal of the program is to work over the 8 week period and at the end re-take the test to see your progress.

In addition to skiing interval training in Boulder, we also offer an entire list of physical therapy treatments.  Our facility is one of the largest in Colorado.  Our PT’s are here to help you receive the most up to date treatments in the industry. Contact one of our two locations today for skiing interval training in Boulder.