Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bike Fitting Service Boulder

If you are an avid bike rider, you know the importance of the proper bike fit.  At North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC in addition to physical therapy we also offer bike fitting service in Boulder.  

No matter how long you ride, your comfort level depends upon the balance of flexibility, strength, seat placement and the correct bike fit.  Our bike fitting service is individualized based upon your goals, strengths and physical stature.  This process will allow you to have many hours of cycle free pain. 

As one of the largest privately owned PT clinics in Colorado you will receive the most up to date treatments in our 7000 square foot facility.  We are the only PT clinic to be trusted by the trainers and physicians at the University of Colorado.  If you are looking for a bike fitting service in Boulder, call one of our two locations today.